Programme of Study

1st Semester CourseHoursECTS
Total in 1st Semester31030
Architectural Design Studio 3152
Architectural Design Studio 3 (C)708
CAD Revit for Architects (C)302
Regional Planning152
Regional Planning (C)302
Theory and Practice of Urban Design152
Theory and Practice of Urban Design (C)454
Ecology and environmental protection151
History of Polish Architecture152
History of Polish Architecture (C)452
Sport and Fitness301
English for Architects - Level B2+

2nd Semester CourseHoursECTS
Total in 2nd Semester35530
Architectural Design Studio 3152
Architectural Design Studio 3 (C)708
Landscape and Cityscape Design151
Landscape and Cityscape Design (C)303
Urbanism and Public space: theoretical approach151
Urbanism and Public space: practical approach (C)302
Sustaiable development (C)151
Preservation of historic architecture151
Preservation of historic architecture (C)302
Structural Engineering151
Structural Engineering (C)152
Contemporary architecture - critical view151
Contemporary architecture - critical view (C)151
Sculpture Studio (C)302
Digital modelling and fabrication (C)302

3rd Semester CourseHoursECTS
Total in 3rd Semester29030
Diploma Seminar12020
Contemporary architecture in Poland - critical view (C)151
Structural Engineering- diploma project consultations (C)151
Modelling studio (C)601
Cities of The Information Age: new challenges302
Light in architecture: practical approach (C)151
Advanced Theory of Urbanism: Structure of the City and its Meanings302
Ethics and Practice of Architectural Profession