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Application start: 15th May 2019. Starting date: October 2019


A management education and career is by far the most universal and versatile professional preparation for your people. Earning the Bachelor Degree in English is additional asset as contemporary business and public administration has accepted English as the lingua franca. Combined with ambitious and novel study work Management in English provides you with unique and useful skills and capabilities to successfully pursue your professional goals.


This undergraduate program leads you through basic courses, followed by professional subjects and offers you the opportunities to pick one of four specialization areas. Study work is complemented by cooperation with local and international businesses. You also gain proficiency in 2 foreign languages. Krakow, the beautiful old city, the former capital of Poland, now a center of business, tourism and education, will serve as an active learning environment for students.
The undergraduate program Management in English takes 3 years. The program comprises 180 ECTS points, spread over six semesters.
The first academic semester (Fall) usually lasts from the beginning of October to mid-February. Spring semester starts shortly after and lasts through the end of June. Study work is evenly distributed among all 6 semesters with a slightly lower work load for the last semesters. You learn 2 foreign languages (4 semesters) and work on a final dissertation in 5th semester. The last two semesters (5 and 6) are devoted to your chosen specialization (4 to choose among). Students will participate in concerts, musical and sport events and visit museums and libraries.

MANAGEMENT - Programme of StudyHoursECTS
1st Semester - see details375
2nd Semester - see details420
3rd Semester - see details360
4th Semester - see details315
5th Semester - see details210
6th Semester - see details300

Learning Approach

We strongly believe in faculty – students partnership and interacting learning environment. Your an interactive classroom will be more a group of people having an interest in learning than a traditional classroom. Teaching methods are designed accordingly – lectures will convey the necessary knowledge to you, which then is practiced in workshops. Among the specialization fields you will find one heavily based on Business Dynamics and you will learn how to use computers in modeling and solving complex business problems.

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For studies invited

Graduated from the Jagiellonian (MSc) and Harvard University (PhD). Associate Professor and former dean at Nowy Sacz Business School – National-Louis University, where he created the Center for Innovatics. Lectured in Denmark, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Turkey and USA and in many Polish organizations. Senior researcher in a 4-year EU-funded project on business model innovation. Has published over 50 research papers and essays which have appeared in leading academic journals and in Polish periodicals. Co-founder of the “Salus Publica” Foundation and secretary of the “Kyoto-Kraków” Foundation.
Michał Jasieński teaches Critical Thinking & Writing, Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship and Innovations.

A social scientist – an economist – and associate professor with the Faculty of Management at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. Passionate with social science. The central principle of his teaching and research is: social sciences can be used and developed similarly to geography, i.e. they can be used to find one’s bearings in a complex environment, to trace a route towards valuable and attainable goals, and to plan for a realistic pace as for covering this route. Published research can be checked at my ORCID profile, and current work on the research blog: Discover Social Sciences.

Kazimierz ŚLIWA
Graduate in Law and Administration (University of Wroclaw), Ph. D. in economics (Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin), post-doctoral degree in management (habilitation – University of Warsaw). He has spent more than 20 years teaching in Mexico and United States. Author and co-author of more than 30 scientific articles and 6 books. Consulting practice in several countries, including Poland. Fields and scientific interests: strategic management, international business, management & marketing, system dynamics and computer supported problem solving. Happily married and father of 3 already grown children (time flies).

To become a student of MANAGEMENT take the following steps:

Step 1:
Fill in the registration form on the University website: Applications should be filed from 15th May
Step 2:
Effect the payment of the Recruitment Fee – PLN 85.00 (100 PLN is paid by those candidates who take the English language examination confirming their B2 level knowledge)
Step 3:
Submit the following documents to the Admissions Office:
a) a filled-in registration form, printed out, and duly signed off
b) a copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate duly endorsed for conformity with the original document by an authorized University staff (original document must be available for reference)
c) ID card or passport (foreigners) – with the original document to be presented upon request; notarized copy in case of using the power of attorney; in the case of a foreign national – a birth certificate enclosed with a certified translation into Polish (original document must be available for reference)
d) a proof of payment of the Recruitment Fee
e) one (1) full-colour photograph (35 x 45 mm, made against a uniform, light background, of good resolution, effectively imitating a natural skin tone, covering the area from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70% – 80% of the picture, clearly showing the eyes, especially the pupils and the eyebrows, facing directly the camera lens, without any headgear or sun glasses, with the eyes wide open, looking straight ahead, unobscured by any hair).
The confirmation slip confirming an effective submission of the above-referenced documents shall comprise information as to when you may expect the recruitment decision to be ready for receipt.
Step 4:
Document your command of English in one of the following ways:
a) results of the Matura examination (candidates boasting a new-system Matura secondary school-leaving exam with a new Matura secondary school-leaving examination), whereby the following scores are deemed sufficient grounds for admission to academic studies:

• in the written part:
– on an extended or bilingual level – with a score of 50%, or higher

b) entrance examination (candidates boasting an old-system Matura secondary school-leaving exam, and foreign students). The examinations shall be held on the University’s premises (on the dates appointed by the University), and at the AFM-authorized examination centres in Ukraine.
c) a pertinent language certificate list
d) a diploma attesting to:

– graduation from the Dept. of English or Applied Linguistics
– graduation from a foreign language teacher training college
– completion of academic education abroad – with English as the official language of instruction

e) for candidates holding the IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization based in Geneva, the sufficient grounds for admission to academic studies is the International Baccalaureate exam passed with the following scores:

1) English language on a higher level (HL) – 4 points or more

2) English language with a literary component (A2) – 4 points or more

3) The candidates holding the IB (International Baccalaureate) diplomas issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization based in Geneva, for whom English was an official language of both instruction and exams, are also eligible for admission to academic studies, subject to this fact having been duly documented by the school at issue. This also applies to the candidates with the EB (European Baccalaureate) diplomas, or a secondary school-leaving certificates obtained abroad, provided there are statutory grounds for such certificates to be officially recognized as equivalent to a statutory certificate of secondary education obtainable in Poland

Step 5:
Please collect the decision on the outcome of the recruitment process from the Admissions Office within the appointed time frame.
Step 6:
Within 7 days of receipt of the above-referenced decision, please sign off in the Admissions Office:

a) a written Declaration of Participation in the Project

b) a Participation Agreement in the Project

c) a statement on the processing of the Project’s participant personal data, in compliance with the requirements of the Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020 Operational Programme.

Step 7:
Within 7 days of signing off the above-referenced Agreement, pay a refundable deposit of PLN 2,000.00. The deposit shall be refunded to you when you complete your course of studies within the appointed time-frame, in compliance with pertinent syllabus.